Maui is well known for its beautiful beaches. Once you decide to visit this beautiful island, do not rush to pack. Because sore feet and sunburn can affect your trip. You want to enjoy your trip. Smart parking helps you to enjoy your stay in this island or any Hawaiian island.

Here is the Maui beach trip packing list.


Park your sunglasses. Do not forget them. Because of the sunshine in Maui. You will wear your sunglasses most of the time at the beach. If you do not have sunglasses, search for the best ones online. Buy them before traveling. It is cheaper to buy them online. Because some of the stores on this island have expensive prices.

Floppy Straw Hat

Additionally, you need a floppy straw hat because of the sunshine. You will spend most of your time at the beach. So, a hat is a must. It not only cuts the glare from the sun. It also prevents your face from getting sunburned. Staying at the beach for a long period can lead to headaches. So, a hat eliminates the possibility of headaches.


Hate shopping for a swimsuit? Do not worry. Because it is easy to shop for swimsuits these days. Look for a comfortable swimsuit. And it should look cute on you. You can try out different swimsuits until you find a swimsuit that suits your body type.


Sandals are great for Maui beaches. They are comfortable. They look good. They do not cause foot pain or blisters. They do not get wet when you are walking at the beach. Choose your favorite brand. Then, buy one of their sandals. You will be much more comfortable wearing sandals on the beach.

You now know the Maui trip backing list. This is just a small list of the things you need to pack. These things are necessary because they make your Maui trip more enjoyable.

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