The equipment in commercial kitchens get a lot of use on a daily basis and even though they are made for such use, they will start to malfunction and even stop working if they are not properly maintained and cared for. As a result, we will now look at 5 equipment maintenance tips so that you can always have a functional commercial kitchen.

Commercial Fryer Care

It is essential that you clean your commercial fryers on a daily basis as this will not only affect the cleanliness and the life of the fryer but also the quality and taste of your food. So, at the end of every day, the fryer should be cleaned, especially the baskets and the exterior of the fryer should be wiped down as well. Additionally, boil outs should be done regularly, however, the exact method for doing so will depend on the individual fryer and its manual. So, be sure to thoroughly read the manual and follow the directions exactly for the best results.

Commercial Ranges Care

Next, the ranges also need to be cleaned and maintained. The grates in particular usually have a build-up of grease and you will need to soak and wash them in soapy water in order to thoroughly clean them. You can also let the grates soak in ammonia if the grease is tough to remove. Also, the exhaust hood should also be kept clean and it is best to clean it every month or 90 days. Grease traps should also be kept clean. Best to call a pro to clean it. Grease trap cleaning Columbus can help you with cleaning and pumping grease trap.

Commercial Refrigerator

Always ensure that all walk-in freezers are always clean and dry since this can cause falls and various other accidents. Also, regularly check the gaskets, air filters, and coils. Once these are dirty or clogged, make sure to clean them.

Floor Maintenance

You may not consider the floor of a commercial kitchen to be equipment, but it actually is. This is the most used surface and it is critical that it is always kept clean. The floors should be scrubbed daily using cleaning products that are NFSI certified.


Lastly, the ANSEL system needs to be serviced by a qualified contractor every six months. This will ensure that it is always in good condition in the event that a fire occurs.


In closing, we have just looked at 5 equipment maintenance guidelines for commercial kitchens. Once you follow these guidelines, your kitchen will always be in tip top condition.